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Once data is in your cart, you can export it to a Comma-Delimited Values (CSV)-format spreadsheet for analysis or sharing with others.

To export your cart

  1. Add data to your cart.
  2. Click Cart button with 25GB label.
    The cart appears.
    TCIA cart page showing 1-10 of 740 series in the cart.
  3. Click Export Spreadsheet button.
    A CSV file called "metadata" opens in your browser. This file provides an overview of the downloaded files. The spreadsheet includes the following columns: 
    • Series Instance UID
    • Collection
    • 3rd Party Analysis
    • Data Description URI
    • Subject ID
    • Study UID
    • Study Description
    • Study Date
    • Series Description
    • Modality
    • Manufacturer
    • SOP Class Name
    • SOP Class UID
    • Number of Images
    • File size
    • File Location
    • Download Time Stamp
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