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When you first open the TCIA Data Portal, you can search images without logging in. You can also view information about obtaining DICOM Viewers, learn about persistent references (DOIs), learn about programmatic interfaces (APIs), and get support.

TCIA home page before you log in

After you log in, you have more options.
TCIA home page if you log in

Options available from this page and links to more information about them follow.


Menu Option


For more information, see

Try the Beta Search
The Beta Search features a new interface for the TCIA Data Portal. You can submit feedback and suggestions on this new interface.TCIA Data Portal User Guide


Return to the TCIA Home page.

Search Images

Simple Search

Open the Simple Search page.

Performing a Simple Search

Text SearchOpen the Text Search page.Performing a Text Search

Advanced SearchOpen the Advanced Search page.Performing an Advanced Search

Manage Data Basket

Open the My Data Basket page. This is the same option as choosing Manage Data Basket from the menu bar.

Working with the Data Basket


List DICOM Image Viewers

Open a page displaying links to freeware DICOM image viewers.

Obtaining DICOM Viewers

Persistent References (DOIs)Opens TCIA Analysis Results.

Programmatic Interface (APIs)Opens the TCIA Programmatic Interface REST API Guides.

View Saved QueriesOpen the Saved Queries page.Working with Saved Queries

View Query HistoryOpen the Query History page.Viewing Query History

Create Shared ListOpen the Create Shared List page.Creating a Shared List

Edit Shared ListOpen the Edit Shared List page.Editing a Shared List

Search Shared ListOpen the Search Shared List page.Searching a Shared List

Perform QC

Evaluate a submission and assign a QC status.

Only administrative users have access to this menu. If you believe you should have access, contact the TCIA helpdesk.

Using the Quality Control (QC) Tool

Approve DeletionsApprove the deletion of image series marked for deletion.
Approving Image Deletions

Manage Shared ListDelete shared lists created by other users.Managing a Shared List

View Submission ReportsRun reports to verify that images have been received and to monitor the status of the submitted images.Viewing Submission Reports

Perform Online DeletionsImmediately remove images that are marked as approved for deletion.Manually Deleting Image Series

Edit Collection DescriptionsAdd a brief description for a collection so that TCIA users know what data is in the collection.Editing a Collection Description

Manage Workflow ItemsCreate, edit, and delete workflow items that involve changing the visibility status of an image series and/or trigger a web service call to a URL.Managing Workflow Items

Manage Saved QueriesReview and delete saved queries.Managing Saved Queries

User Authorization ToolManage users and their access, protection elements, protection groups, user groups, and roles.

Managing Users

Managing PE

Managing Protection Groups

Managing User Groups

Adding Protection Groups and Assigning Roles


Open a browser window with support options.

TCIA Support

Log out of TCIA and return to the TCIA home page.
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