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  • caMicroscope User's Guide

The information below is retained for historical purposes only.

Please see  for the current guide.

caMicroscope is launched from the Query Tool. It displays a single Lung Screening Study (LSS) image. The subject ID of that image is displayed in a header.

Users can zoom in and out using the scroll feature of their mouse. Clicking and dragging will allow you to pan.

Users can also draw markups and create annotations. caMicroscope supports four shapes:

  • Rectangles: Use the icon R to draw a rectangluar markup
  • Ellipse: Use the icon C to draw a elliptical/circular markup
  • Polygon: Use the icon P to draw a closed polygon markup
  • Freeline: Use the icon F to draw a freeline markup

Each markup can be associated with a textual annotation. Users are prompted for a textual annotation after they draw a markup.
Every annotation must be associated with a markup.

After the inputting a textual annotation, the markup is saved to the server.  The caMicroscope page can be closed.  The next

time the same pathology subject ID is opened, the annotations will appear.

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