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This data set was provided in association with a challenge competition and related conference session conducted at the AAPM 2019 Annual Meeting.

The data for this challenge contains a total of 55 MRI cases, each from a single examination from a distinct patient, with each case consisting of a T2-weighted MRI images in DICOM format. The MRI scanning protocol was designed for radiation treatment simulation. Thirty-one of these will be provided as training cases, with the parotid glands, submandibular glands, level 2 and level 3 lymph nodes contoured. The images and contours were acquired from MD Anderson Cancer Center.


We would like to acknowledge the individuals and institutions that have provided data for this collection:

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, Texas, USA 

Data Access

Click the Download button to save a ".tcia" manifest file to your computer, which you must open with the NBIA Data Retriever. Click the Search button to open our Data Portal, where you can browse the data collection and/or download a subset of its contents.

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Images and Radiation Therapy Structures (DICOM, 3.5 GB)


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Images Size (GB)3.5

Supporting Documentation and Metadata

To participate in the challenge and to learn more about the subsets of training and test data used please visit Some information from the challenge site is included below.

Data description

T2 MR Images of 55 patients have been collected for this challenge. Data were acquired from MD Anderson Cancer Center. All images were scanned with a protocol specifically designed for head-and-neck radiation treatment simulation. Datasets were divided into three groups:

  • 31 training datasets
  • 12 off-site test datasets
  • 12 live test datasets

Data will be provided in DICOM (both MR and RTSTRUCT), as commonly used in most commercial treatment planning systems.

Contouring Guidelines The manual contours were drawn by a radiation oncologist at MD Anderson Cancer Center. The structures were contoured following the DAHANCA, EORTC, GORTEC, HKNPCSG, NCIC CTG, NCRI, NRG Oncology and RROG consensus guidelines reported in Brouwer Radiotherapy and Oncol. 2015. Details of contouring guidelines can be found in "Learn the Details" on the challenge website. The following structures are included in this challenge:

  • Parotid glands
  • Submandibular glands
  • Lymph nodes level II
  • Lymph nodes level III

Training Data

Each training dataset includes a set of DICOM MR image files and one DICOM RTSTRUCT file. Each training dataset is labeled as RTMAC-TRAIN-xxx, where xxx identifies the dataset ID.

Training data are available here. (Requires NBIA Data Retriever.)

Off-site test data

Each off-site test dataset includes a set of DICOM MR image files and is labeled as RTMAC-TEST-xxx, where xxx identifies the dataset ID.

Off-site test data are available here. (Requires NBIA Data Retriever.)

RTSTRUCT data associated with Off-site test data available 7/15/2020.

Live test data

Each Live test dataset includes a set of DICOM MR image files and is labeled as RTMAC-LIVE-xxx, where xxx identifies the dataset ID.

RTSTRUCT data associated with Live test data available 7/15/2020.

Citations & Data Usage Policy

These collections are freely available to browse, download, and use for commercial, scientific and educational purposes as outlined in the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Questions may be directed to

Please be sure to acknowledge both this data set and TCIA in publications by including the following citations in your work:

Data Citation

Cardenas, C., Mohamed, A., Sharp, G., Gooding, M., Veeraraghavan, H., & Yang, J. (2019). Data from AAPM RT-MAC Grand Challenge 2019. The Cancer Imaging Archive.

TCIA Citation

Clark K, Vendt B, Smith K, Freymann J, Kirby J, Koppel P, Moore S, Phillips S, Maffitt D, Pringle M, Tarbox L, Prior F. The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA): Maintaining and Operating a Public Information Repository, Journal of Digital Imaging, Volume 26, Number 6, December, 2013, pp 1045-1057. DOI: 10.1007/s10278-013-9622-7

Other Publications Using This Data

TCIA maintains a list of publications which leverage TCIA data. If you have a manuscript you'd like to add please contact the TCIA Helpdesk.

Version 2 (Current):  2019/07/15

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Images (DICOM, 3.5 GB)

(Requires NBIA Data Retriever.)

Version 1: Updated 2019/05/23

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Images (DICOM, 2.7 GB)

(Requires NBIA Data Retriever.)

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