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Quick Links:

New look and feel

Our web site has been completely redesigned!  Most of the links from the old home page are now found in the menu bar underneath the site banner.

TCIA Collections are now listed right on the home page.  Information about the contents of a particular collection can be found by clicking the corresponding Collection link.  The actual images can be selected, previewed and downloaded by selecting the button found throughout the site. 

Get news updates by joining the TCIA mailing list

For those who would like to get updates on new TCIA data sets and other relevant news there is now a mailing list option in addition to our existing social media channels.  Click the link on the home page to join, or use the icons in the top corner of the site to view previous announcements.

Login no longer required

After clicking you will no longer have to log in to download data from publicly accessible Collections. Click the Search Images link as shown below to get started.  Note that accounts are still required to create Shared Lists, DOIs, Saved Queries, or to access the limited-access Collections that you may have permission to view.


Improved search options and layout

Search options are now found in the menu bar near the top of the page and most search controls have been moved to the left side bar.  You can quickly filter on images by Collection name, body part or modality with Simple Search.  The old Dynamic and Advanced search modes have been combined into a single Advanced Search option where you can build more complicated queries.  When you first access the site the Simple Search will be available by default and the space to the right of the search criteria will be blank. Once you select one or more search criteria the results will appear in that space.


New free-text Search option

A brand new option has also been added to let you search the DICOM metadata for key words using a Google-like Text Search

Streamlined controls for browsing search results

The search results interface has been re-designed to improve usability and understanding.  Search results are now updated in real time as filters are applied, plus we've reduced the number of clicks required to browse and add data to your Data Basket.  You can preview the images or see details about the studies and series for a Subject by clicking on its ID.  Click the next to the images to add them to your basket, or click to put all current search results into your basket.  Then choose Manage Data Basket to begin your download.


Improved Data Basket page

The Data Basket page has been optimized to provide simpler management and a wider array of useful information about its contents.   A new option has also been added called Export Image Metadata. Clicking this button exports the study/series dates, descriptions, etc into a CSV file for easy reference. The CSV file includes all of the following fields in the output: Collection, Patient ID Study Date, Study Description, Modality, Series Description, Manufacturer, Manufacturer Model, Software Version, and Series UID.


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