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If you are discussing a collection from TCIA in general, we suggest pointing to the corresponding page our Collection Wiki and following typical guidelines for citing a web page. Each collection's wiki page may also contain special acknowledgements specific to that particular collection. If you are analyzing the data as part of a research project in which others may wish to download the exact same set of images you've used, we highly encourage you to create a Digital Object Identifier as outlined in the next section.TCIA be sure to cite the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for the data rather than citing the wiki page URL.  Consult the Citation & Data Usage Policy tab found on each Collection's summary page to learn more about how it should be cited and any usage restrictions.  For some collections, there may also be additional papers that should be cited listed in this section.  Here is a screenshot showing where to find the DOI and data usage policy on each collection page:

The citation panel on the CT Lymph Node collection page.Image Added

Citing specific subsets of TCIA data used in your publication with Digital Object Identifiers

We highly recommend using TCIA's also support creating custom Digital Object Identifier Identifiers (DOIDOIs) functionality for  for citing the use of our data data you've used in publications. Citing the specific data Creating a DOI which consists of the exact subjects and scans you used in your manuscript will help address growing concerns among the community relating to the transparency and reproducibility of biomedical research.  Our DOI system makes citing data easy to do and even provides a special web page After creating your DOI you will receive a unique web URL for your DOI where researchers can go to easily download all of the data related to your publication without having to search for it in TCIA.  For general questions or help with creating a DOI for your next manuscript please contact TCIA's help desk.  You can request your DOI and see examples of existing manuscript-based DOIs on our TCIA Analysis Results page.