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The Lung Image Database Consortium research project (LIDC-IDRI) involves the generation of marked-up annotated lesions on the diagnostic and lung cancer screening thoracic CT scans found in the LIDC-IDRI image collection to create a web-accessible international resource for development, training, and evaluation of computer-assisted diagnostic (CAD) methods for lung cancer detection and diagnosis.

The following paper published in Medical Physics is effectively the authoritative user's manual for the database and should be cited in all manuscripts that make use of the database:


Download the distro (max-V107.tgz); view/download ReadMe.txt (a text file that is also included in the distro).

LIDC 2 Image Toolbox (Matlab)

This tool is a community contribution developed by Thomas Lampert.  It is designed for extracting individual annotations from the XML files and converting them, and the DICOM images, into TIF format for easier processing in Matlab (LIDC-IDRI dataset).  It is available for download from: