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  • TCGA Breast Phenotype Research Group Data sets

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  • Image Data:  DICOM – Save/open this file to initiate our Java Web Start download manager to begin your download
  • Radiologist Annotations/Markup: tcga breast radiologist reads.xls
  • 3D Lesion Segmentations & Quantitative Radiomic Features
    • 3D Segmentations 

      • Readme instructions

      • Note: With regards to the naming structure, *S2-1.les: S2 means DCE-MRI sequence 2, lesion #1. Sometimes, there are multiple DCE-MRI sequences on TCIA data, and so the team used the sequence that corresponded to the one on which the radiologists annotated the truth.
    • Quantitative Radiomics

      • Note: please reference these data extracted using version V2010 of the UChicago MRI Quantitative Radiomics workstation
  • Multi-gene assays including MammaPrint, Oncotype DX, and PAM50:  Perou TCGA BRCA MRIs+PAM50+GHI21+NKI70 MAILED.xlsx
  • TCGA Clinical Data (from TCGA Data Portal, archived in case of subsequent updates made by TCGA): brca-clinicalforwiki.xls