Thursday evening the 17th at 7 pm there will be a 5 minute disruption in TCIA as the primary firewalls are updated to the latest in-version software. On Thursday the 24th, there be another 5-10 minute disruption as the primary firewalls are moved to new hardware.

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If you are interested in using the API and have any questions, please contact us at

Getting Started with the TCIA API






The following characteristics apply to all TCIA APIs:

  • You access a resource by sending an HTTP request to the TCIA API server. The server replies with a response that either contains the data you requested, or a status indicator.
  • Every request must contain an API-KEY. The key can be included in the url by adding an extra query parameter api_key or it can be included in the HTTP headers.

    titleHow to obtain an API-Key

    You can obtain one API-KEY and use that for your application; you do not need a separate API-KEY for each user of your software..  To obtain an API-Key please send a request to  or contact TCIA's help desk by phone at: +1 314-747-4254. 


  • You can access the metadata of an API by appending /metadata to the end of the query. See examples. The metadata is in JSON format and conforms to this schema
  • Most APIs can return results as CSV/JSON/XML/HTML. You can specify the return format by including the query parameter format

QuickStart Guide


API Reference


Return Types

Incorporating the TCIA Programmatic Interface into Your Application