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A collection is set of image studies (exams).  The studies typically have in common a particular disease and/or particular anatomical site (lung, brain, etc.).  Each study may consist of one or more series, with each series consisting of one or more images.  An example of the simplest study would consist of a single chest X-ray (1 image, 1 series).  A more complex study might consist of several CT series, each with hundreds of images.

A collection of studies typically includes studies from several subjects (patients).  In some collections, there may be only one study per subject.  In other studies, subjects may have been followed over time, in which case there will be multiple studies per subject.

Below is a list of collections available from the Cancer Imaging Archive instance of NBIA. When additional meta data or information concerning the scientific value of a collection is included by the data providers it is posted in the links below. If you have any questions please contact the Cancer Imaging Archive User Support Center at: