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The NBIA software enables you to search for images in the local Cancer Imaging Archive in vivo image repository, and if available, to use the Remote Search function to search in remote imaging archives. The NBIA software is designed to perform the following tasks: 

  • Search for images in simple or advanced search mode

  • Combine search criteria defined in those searches with keyword searches of curated annotation data

  • Save the search queries to be used repeatedly

  • Review query histories

  • As subjects, studies, series or images are located, save them to your data basket for download
    Note: When you download a series that have annotation files (indicated by Yes in the Contains Annotations column), they are automatically downloaded as well.

The Cancer Imaging Archive submissions are organized in the following hierarchy, which is important to remember in creating your search query and reviewing search results:
Collection > Patient (Subject) > Study > Series > Images

The NBIA software provides three search modes:

  • Simple Search

  • Advanced Search

  • Annotation Keyword Search

Some search pages contain toggle buttons to allow you to switch back and forth between the Simple Search and Advanced Search pages.
Each search page contains selection boxes, drop-down lists and text fields. Selected objects are used as search criteria.
1. Selection Boxes.


Search Result


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[Basket] Check

Use the check boxes to mark the result for addition to your data basket. Click the Check All/Uncheck All buttons to select or deselect all results, or you can select results individually.