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   b. Click Reset to reset the search criteria to their default values.

2.3 Performing an Advanced Search

An Advanced Search has all fields available for a Simple Search, as well as expanded options. Criteria that you select helps narrow the data search. All advanced searches are made at the series level from the Advanced Search page. To

 To perform an Advanced Search, follow these steps:

1. Either before or after After logging in, click the Search Images link in the Welcome panel of the Cancer on the Cancer Imaging Archive home page. The Simple Search page opens by default. Proceed to step 2.

– OR –

After logging in, bypass the Search Images link and click the Advanced Search
link in the Search Images section. Proceed to step 3.

2. Click the Advanced Search link on the Simple Search page. Criteria that you may have already selected on the Simple Search page displays on the Advanced Search page.

3. At the top of the Advanced Search page, the Nodes to Search section lists the remote databases you can identify to be searched outside the local Cancer Imaging Archive imaging archive (Figure 2.1). (See Specifying Remote Search Sites)

                                    Figure 2.3 Advanced Search Page

The remainder of the Advanced Search page displays the search criteria (Figure 2.4).

                          Figure 2.4 Advanced Search page

4. Choose the search criteria as described in Table 2.2.


Search Result


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[Basket] Check

Use the check boxes to mark the result for addition to your data basket. Click the Check All/Uncheck All buttons to select or deselect all results, or you can select results individually.