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Search Result


Show Studies

Click this hypertext link to display the studies for this subject.

Collection ID

Collection identifier

Subject ID

Subject identifier


Contains two numbers: the number of studies that met the criteria /
total number of studies for the subject


Contains two numbers: the number of series that met the criteria /
total number of series

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[Basket] Check Boxes

Use the check boxes to mark the result for addition to your data basket. Click the Check All/Uncheck All buttons to select or deselect all results, or you can select results individually.


                               Table 3.1 Search Results (by Subject)

1. Click any Show Studies links to display the studies for this subject where more details for studies display. See Search Results (Studies for Subject).


  • Click the down arrow next to a column title to sort the column by that item.
  • Click the Previous (or <<) and Next *(or *>>) buttons at the bottom of the table to display the previous or next set of results. The numbers of the results displayed is shown.
  • Click the page number links to move to a specific page of results.
  • Click the Add to Basket button to add items selected to your data basket (see Adding Items to Your Basket).
  • Click View My Basket to display the items in your data basket (see Managing the Data Basket ).

    3.3 Search Results (Studies for Subject)

When you click a study in the Search Results (by Subject) page, the Search Results
(Studies for Subject) page opens, showing Study level in the bread crumbs at the page
bottom. This page displays specific information for each study: the Study ID, Date and
Description followed by a table containing the details for each study (Figure 3.2).

Figure 3.2 Studies for Subject Search Results
Table 3.2 describes each item in the Search Results (for subject) table.