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Executive Summary
Chapter 1 – Getting Started
1.1 Introduction to the The Cancer Imaging Archive
1.2 Registering a New User
1.3 Logging into the The Cancer Imaging Archive
1.4 Using the The Cancer Imaging Archive Home Page
1.5 Application Support
1.6 Using the The Cancer Imaging Archive Online Help
2.1 Performing Searches
2.2 Performing a Simple Search
2.3 Performing an Advanced Search
2.4 Performing a Dynamic Search
2.5 Specifying Remote Search Sites
2.6 Working with Saved Search Queries
2.6.1 Saving a Search Query.
2.6.2 Managing Saved Queries.
2.6.3 Editing Saved Queries
2.6.4 Viewing a Query History
3.1 Search Results Overview
3.2 Search Results (by Subject)
3.3 Search Results (Studies for Subject)
3.4 Search Results (Images for Series)
3.5 Viewing Image Animation
3.6 Working with the Data Basket
3.6.1 Adding Items to Your Basket
3.6.2 Managing the Data Basket
3.7 Working With Shared Lists
3.7.1 Creating a Shared List
3.7.2 Editing a Shared List
3.7.3 Searching a Shared List
3.7.4 Exporting a Shared List
3.8 Downloading the Data Basket


Search Result


Show Studies

Click this hypertext link to display the studies for this subject.

Collection ID

Collection identifier

Subject ID

Subject identifier


Contains two numbers: the number of studies that met the criteria /
total number of studies for the subject


Contains two numbers: the number of series that met the criteria /
total number of series

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[Basket] Check Boxes

Use the check boxes to mark the result for addition to your data basket. Click the Check All/Uncheck All buttons to select or deselect all results, or you can select results individually.



Wiki Markup
*Note:* If you do not have the IRW installed, click this link to the NCICB GForge Download page: [|]<span style="color: #0000ff"><a href="">;</a></span>. Toward the top of the page, click the *I‐ResponseR.v.\[* hypertext link*.\* You can download the corresponding user 's guide, accessible from the same site, as well.