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General Help Questions

Questions About The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) Website:

Do you have a User's Guide?

A detailed TCIA user's guide can be obtained by clicking on TCIA User Guide

How do I contact TCIA Help Desk?

The TCIA Help Desk can be reached in one of two ways:

  1. By email:
  2. By phone: +1 314-747-4254

What are the hours of operation for TCIA Help Desk?

The hours of operation are 6:30am to 5:00pm CST, M-F.  Although closed weekends and holidays, you can submit a request at any time.  Holiday hours and further information may be found here.

What if I have questions on navigating TCIA website?

The TCIA User Guide should provide all the direction you need.  If you have additional questions please contact TCIA Help Desk. Simply call (+1 314-747-4254) or send an email to the TCIA Help Desk.

What if I am unable to connect to TCIA website?

Please contact TCIA Help Desk. Simply call (+1 314-747-4254) or send an email to the TCIA Help Desk.  

How do I submit feedback to TCIA website?

We welcome and appreciate your comments.  Feedback maybe submitted via

Questions About User Accounts:


How do I obtain a TCIA user ID and password?

From TCIA login page, click on the Register Now link.   Please note that it may take several hours to establish your user account.  You should not try to use your account until you have been notified that the registration process has been completed.

What if I have issues pertaining to my TCIA user ID or password?

Assuming that you already have an account, from TCIA login page, click on I cannot access my account link.

Questions About Accessing Collections:

How do I request access to a restricted collection?

Access to a restricted collection requires prior approval. Simply call (+1 314-747-4254) or send an email to the TCIA Help Desk. Please indicate the name of the restricted collection.

How do I determine the status of a collection that has been submitted?

Please contact TCIA Help Desk. Simply call (+1 314-747-4254) or send an email to the TCIA Help Desk. Please indicate the name of the collection.

Questions About Searching And Downloading Images:


How do I search images?

The NBIA software enables you to search for images in The Cancer Imaging Archive's local in vivo image repository.  See Chapter 2 of the TCIA User's Guide for more detailed instructions.

What if my image search comes up empty?

You must use caution not to create such a restrictive query that the search returns no results.  Our recommendation is you start with one criterion and add more one at a time to refine your search.

How do I manage and view images in my data basket?

As you review search results in The Cancer Imaging Archive, you can add items at any level to your data basket for subsequent download.  See Chapter 3 of the TCIA User's Guide for detailed instructions.

What if I have a question on my query history or saving queries?

After you launch a search, the Search Criteria page displays the search criteria summary for your review. It allows you to save the query for future use.  See Chapter 2 of the TCIA User's Guide for more information.

What if I have a question pertaining to creating, editing or searching a shared list?

Anyone can create a shared list. Once you do so, you will need to record the exact name of the shared list to distribute to others who may want to use the list. That is the only way they can access it.  See Chapter 3 of the TCIA User's Guide for more information.

How do I search for images showing a particular disease?

The collection descriptions provide the best source of information about what disease was studied.  On the search-images page, scroll down to the Collections block, and click on the question-mark to the left of the collection name.  Click to see a brief description of the collection, usually with pointers to a site where more detailed information about the collection is available. 

How do I download annotated image files?

The XML files are in the series folder since they are related to the images in that series.  You can best find the annotated files by viewing the list of files in a folder.    

What Java version is required for Download Manager?

Java version 6 or higher of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed to be able to open the Download Manager.

If JRE 6 is installed, the Download Manager attempts to start. To run the application, you must click <b>Run</b> in the Warning dialog box indicating the application's digital signature cannot be verified. Before doing so, you can select the <b>More Information...</b> link at the bottom of the dialog to view a more detailed report of any security issues. Then you can evaluate whether you want to run the application.

For some browsers, if JRE is installed but the version is older than version 6, the browser automatically attempts to upgrade the JRE to version 6.x.

If the JRE is not installed, when you click the Download Manager button, the browser prompts you for what it should do with the JNLP file.

Note: Depending on the one's environment, the browser security settings may need to be configured to allow running Java Webstart (JNLP) applications.

The Data Basket page includes a link to a page where you can download the JRE:

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