The Cancer Genome Atlas-Ovarian Cancer (TCGA-OV) data collection is part of a larger effort to enhance the TCGA data set with characterized radiological images. The Cancer Imaging Program (CIP) with the cooperation of several of the TCGA tissue-contributing institutions are working to archive a large portion of the radiological images of the genetically-analyzed OV cases.

Clinical, genetic, and pathological data resides in the TCGA data portal, while the radiological data is stored on The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA). The data utilizes the same TCGA patient identifiers in both repositories, allowing researchers to explore the correlations between tissue genotype and radiological phenotype. This collection within TCIA is related to the OV disease type within TCGA.

Note: Per TCGA Guidelines, formal permission requests are still required for publications using TCGA-OV data. More info about TCGA Publication Policies can be found on the Data Usage Policies and Restrictions page.

CIP TCGA Radiology Initiative

The CIP has begun multiple projects to collaborate with the academic community to encourage cross disciplinary research, which utilizes the data provided in these resources. More can be learned about this effort on the TCGA Ovarian Phenotype Research Group page.

How to Retrieve the Images from TCIA

Imaging Data

You can view and download these images on TCIA by logging in and selecting the TCGA-OV collection. A full listing of the available imaging studies/series for each patient can be found in this spreadsheet:TCGA-OV.XLSX

Collection Statistics

Updated 2014/08/15


computed tomography (CT)

Number of Patients


Number of Studies


Number of Series


Number of Images


Images Size (GB)15.3

If you are unsure how to download this collection, please view Searching by Collection or refer to TCIA's User's Guide for more detailed instructions on using the site.

Related Data

The TCGA data portal has extensive clinical and genomic data, which can be matched to the patient identifiers on the images here in TCIA.

Explanations of the clinical data can be found on the Biospecimen Core Resource Clinical Data Forms linked below:

A Note about TCIA and TCGA Subject Identifiers and Dates

Subject Identifiers: a subject with radiology images stored in TCIA is identified with a Patient ID that is identical to the Patient ID of the same subject with demographic, clinical, pathological, and/or genomic data stored in TCGA. For each TCGA case, the baseline TCGA imaging studies found on TCIA are pre-surgical. 

Dates: TCIA and TCGA handle dates differently, and there are no immediate plans to reconcile:


We would like to acknowledge the individuals and institutions that have provided data for this collection: