Vargas, Alberto; Huang, Erich; Lakhman, Yulia; Ippolito, Joe; Bhosale, Priya; Mellnick, Vincent; Shinagare, Atul; Anello, Maria; Kirby, Justin; Fevrier-Sullivan, Brenda; Freymann, John; Jaffe, Carl; Sala, Evis,. (2016). Imaging Features, and Correlations with Genomic and Clinical Data from the TCGA Ovarian Radiology Research Group. The Cancer Imaging Archive.


This study was a multi-reader, multi-institutional, IRB-approved retrospective analysis of 93 HGSOC patients with abdominal and pelvic CT scans prior to primary debulking that were available through The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA). Eight radiologists from The Cancer Genome Atlas-Ovarian Cancer (TCGA-OV) Imaging Research Group developed and subsequently independently recorded the following CT features in each patient: primary ovarian mass(es) characteristics (if present), presence and distribution of peritoneal tumor spread, lymphadenopathy, and distant metastases. Inter-observer agreement for the CT features was assessed, as were associations of these features with time-to-disease progression (TTP) and CLOVAR subtypes and abilities of combinations of these features to predict TTP and CLOVAR subtypes. Results of analyzing this data are published in a manuscript titled Radiogenomics of High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer: Multi- Reader Multi-Institutional Study from The Cancer Genome Atlas-Ovarian Cancer (TCGA-OV) Imaging Research Group.


Smith K, Clark K, Bennett W, Nolan T, Kirby J, Wolfsberger M, Moulton J, Vendt B, Freymann J. (2016). Radiology Data from The Cancer Genome Atlas Ovarian Cancer [TCGA-OV] collection. The Cancer Imaging Archive.