From a TCIA user:

I have been contacted that my NLST project is approved and I must send a drive to TCIA for them to load the data onto a disk I provide. I have some drives in my laboratory, and I could purchase a new drive for this purpose. Which drive should I choose?


Note that this list is subject to change. (Last updated March 2017)

Hard drive manufacturers are known to change what actual drive is inside an enclosure at random times during manufacture without warning, so a drive enclosure on the GOOD list could fall off that list at any time.

Internal drives on the GOOD list should never fall off the list (so long as you get the exact model number listed).



These drives are known to work for this purpose.


External (USB) Drives/Enclosures (prefer USB 3 or 3.1, prefer separate power & data cables)


Internal Drives





Do not ship a drive on this list to TCIA for NLST-transfers. They will not work smoothly for this purpose.



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