Data Usage Policy

Any user accessing TCIA data must agree to:

The summary page for every TCIA dataset includes a Citations & Data Usage Policy tab (see screenshot below).  Please consult the Citation & Data Usage Policy for each Collection before using them.  

The citation panel on the CT Lymph Node collection page.

Citing TCIA (general)

For any manuscript developed using data from The Cancer Imaging Archive please cite the relevant collection(s) you've used (see below) as well as the following TCIA publication:

Clark K, Vendt B, Smith K, Freymann J, Kirby J, Koppel P, Moore S, Phillips S, Maffitt D, Pringle M, Tarbox L, Prior F. The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA): maintaining and operating a public information repository. Journal of Digital Imaging. 2013 Dec;26(6):1045-57. DOI: 10.1007/s10278-013-9622-7

If you have utilized TCIA in your research, please contact us at so we can include your work on our Related Publications page.  We also encourage researchers to tweet about their TCIA-related research with the hash tag #TCIAresearch.

Citing Specific TCIA Collections

Each published TCIA Collection has an associated data citation.  When citing a TCIA collection, be sure to use the full data citation rather than citing the wiki page as a URL.  Researchers can use to create citations in the accepted format for most major publishers if you paste in the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from a TCIA dataset.  Consult the Citation & Data Usage Policy found on each Collection's summary page (see screenshot above) to learn more about how it should be cited and any usage restrictions.  For some collections, there may also be additional papers that should be cited listed in this section.