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February 2021

  1. You can filter search results based on the number of days from clinical time point event.  Example: Show all studies that occurred within X days of Diagnosis. See Clinical Time Points filter.
  2. You can filter search results to exclude collections that have commercial use restrictions. See Exclude Collections with Commercial Use Restrictions filter.
  3. You can sort the Collections and Anatomical Site filters alphabetically or numerically. See Collections filter and Anatomical Site filter.
  4. The Export Metadata button on the Cart screen now includes four new columns in the output: 3rd Party Analysis status, Data Description URI, SOP Class Name, and SOP Class UID. See Exporting the Cart to a Spreadsheet.
  5. NBIA Data Retriever 4.0 introduces the following changes.
    1. A status bar has been added at the top of the Downloads table to indicate Overall Progress.
      NBIA Data Retriever showing download in progress
      NBIA Data Retriever showing download in progress

    2. Downloads now include a metadata file in CSV format, which provides an overview of the downloaded files. This file includes the following columns: Series Instance UID, Collection, 3rd Party Analysis, Data Description URI, Subject ID, Study UID, Study Description, Study Date, Series Description, Modality, Manufacturer, SOP Class Name, SOP Class UID, Number of Images, File size, File Location, and Download Time Stamp.
      Manifest folder tree, which includes two folders called 4D-Lung and LCTSC and an Excel file called metadata.
      Metadata file in the manifest folder

      Metadata file for selected images in the 4D-Lung collection
      Metadata file opened in Microsoft Excel

    3. A license file has been added to the collection level of the directory to inform you of the usage policy & restrictions for each collection downloaded. 
      Manifest folder opened to the TestLIDC collection folder, showing three subfolders and an HTML file called license.
      License file downloaded with collection

    4. Under the folder the user selects for downloaded files, a new top-level folder has been added that has the same name as the manifest file. 
      Manifest folder tree, which includes two folders called 4D-Lung and LCTSC and an Excel file called metadata.
      Manifest folder

    5. A more descriptive error message now appears when files are missing files from the file server, with options to retry the failed series, save the error report, and exit.

    6. Fixed a bug preventing downloads of over 10,000 series for restricted-access datasets.

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