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A: We have taken steps to ensure that the steps a Mac user sees are appropriate for their OS/browser and that the steps make sense. It is still the case that anyone behind a Proxy Server will have trouble.

A: NLST Query Tool Not downloading (though I have permission):

titleMac NLST wQT quirks

Using Firefox or Chrome, the downloaded file will be called main.xhtml (no .jnlp extension).  

If you try to change the name of the file being stored too to “main.jnlp”, then Chrome will change it to “main.jnlp.xhtml” which won't open correctly.  This is probably because the web server is sending an http header of Content-type: text/xhtml, and Chrome wants to make sure you do the right thing with it (Chrome is wrong, in this case).

Using Safari, a file is stored with the name main.xhtml.jnlp.  Safari may look inside the xhtml, see the <jnlp> tag, and override the mime type. 


Mac will not let you open an *.xhtml file with "Java webstart," although Java WebStart can open a *.jnlp file correctly.

Do not make the mistake of opening the download in TextEdit, and trying to save it as main.xhtml.jnlp.  This doesn’t work (TextEdit just won’t let you store with the “Wrong” extension.  It does however, expand the file from a 2K text file to a 64K text file).  

You can change the file name from the command line using “mv”.  

You can also change the name in Finder (finder will warn you that “It may open in another application” and because this is what you want, tell Finder you agree to the change.



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