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  • QIN multi-site collection of Lung CT data with Nodule Segmentations

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Kalpathy-Cramer, J., Zhao, B., Goldgof, D., Gu, Y., Wang, X., Yang, H., … Napel, S. (2016, February 3). A Comparison of Lung Nodule Segmentation Algorithms: Methods and Results from a Multi-institutional Study. Journal of Digital Imaging. Springer Nature.


Version 3

Note: In December 2018 it was discovered that an update to NSCLC Radiogenomics mistakenly resulted in the deletion of the segmentation data for this analysis set.  We are currently investigating whether it is possible to restore the data.  In the meantime this dataset can be downloaded using the links below which exclude the Stanford NSCLC Radiogenomics subset of the analyses.

Version 2


Version 1

NOTE: On 9/14/2015 this DOI was updated to resolve problems with 9 of the segmentations being incorrectly labeled.  The Series Instance UIDs in the original data set which have since been deleted from TCIA are: