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  • SDTM datasets of clinical data and measurements for selected cancer collections to TCIA

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The Data Integration & Imaging Informatics (DI-Cubed) project explored the issue of lack of standardized data capture at the point of data creation, as reflected in the non-image data accompanying various TCIA breast cancer collections and the Ivy-GAP (ISPY1BREAST-DIAGNOSISBreast-MRI-NACT-Pilot, TCGA-BRCA) and the Ivy Glioblastoma Atlas Project (Ivy GAP) brain cancer collection. The work addressed the desire for semantic interoperability between various NCI initiatives by aligning on common clinical metadata elements and supporting use cases that connect clinical, imaging, and genomics data. Accordingly, clinical and measurement data imported into I2B2 were cross-mapped to industry standard concepts for names and values including those derived from BRIDG, CDISC SDTM, DICOM Structured Reporting models and using NCI Thesaurus, SNOMED CT and LOINC controlled terminology.