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You can search and download public data without logging in to the TCIA Data Portal. To access restricted data, however, you must log in first to see that data in your search results.

TCIA provides two ways to search for image studies:

When you first open TCIA Data Portal, the Summary tab displays filters for a simple search and pie charts.

TCIA Simple Search page with Simple Search options and Summary tab visible

Click one or more boxes next to each search filter to select it. As you select search filters, they move to the top of the list. They also appear in Boolean query format above the pie charts. This query specifies the filters you have applied to your search. Click Clear if you want to remove all of your filters at once and start over. You can save your query as a URL for later use or to put in an email to a colleague. For more information about sharing, go to Sharing a Query.

You can narrow your search by the following filters:

  • Collections
  • Image Modality
  • Anatomical Site
  • Species
  • Phantoms
  • 3rd-Party Analysis Results
  • Date EeleasedReleased
  • Subject IDs

You can also specify the minimum number of image studies you want to match each search filter. For Collections, if you know the name of the collection, click Magnifying glass icon to enter it instead of finding and clicking the collection's box.