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If you use data from The Cancer Image Archive (TCIA) in your research we ask that you include appropriate references in your publications and presentations.  These citations are critical for providing continued justification of funding from the agencies that support TCIA, and are what allow us to provide this data to you free of charge.

In addition we would like to list these publications on our web site.  If you have utilized TCIA in your research please contact us at so that we can include your work on our Related Publications page.

General Acknowledgments

In addition to citing specific content, please include the following sentence in the acknowledgement section of your work any time you are using TCIA in some way:

Image data used in this research were obtained from The Cancer Imaging Archive ( sponsored by the Cancer Imaging Program, DCTD/NCI/NIH.

Referencing TCIA Collections

If you are discussing a collection from TCIA in your work in a generalized way we suggest pointing to the corresponding page our Collection Wiki and following typical guidelines for citing a web page.  Each Collection's wiki page may also contain special acknowledgments specific to that particular collection.  If you are analyzing the data as part of a research project in which others may wish to download the exact same set of images you've used we highly encourage you to create a Shared List as outlined in the next section.

Citing data from TCIA with Shared Lists

We highly recommend the using the "Shared List" functionality for citing data in publications or presentations.  Saving the data you've used for your research as a Shared List allows you to easily share the exact same set of images with other researchers.  This is especially useful if you are only using a subset of a particular collection, for collections which may not be closed for accrual, or when utilizing data that comes from more than one collection.  Guidance on creating, editing, and retrieving Shared Lists can be found in section 3.7 of The Cancer Imaging Archive User's Guide.  Once you've created your Shared List please utilize the following information for citing the data.

Citing your Shared List

Please use these examples for guidance in citing your Shared List from TCIA.  Suppose your research topic had to do with computer automated detection of tumor size using the TCGA-GBM collection.  You might choose to call your Shared List "TCGA-GBM CAD Research" and cite it as follows:

National Library of Medicine, or "Vancouver style" (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors)

The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA). Bethesda (MD): National Cancer Institute. 2011 -.  "TCGA-GBM CAD Research" Shared List; [updated 2011 Aug 2; cited 2011 Aug 29] . Available from Registration and login required.

American Medical Association (AMA)

"TCGA-GBM CAD Research" Shared List. In The Cancer Imaging Archive [database online]. National Cancer Institute. Updated August 02, 2011. Accessed August 29, 2011.

American Psychological Association (APA)

The Cancer Imaging Archive. (2011, August 2). "TCGA-GBM CAD Research" Shared List. Bethesda, MD:National Cancer Institute. Retrieved August 29, 2011, from

Providing instructions to readers on using your Shared List

Within the main text of your publication/presentation you may also wish to include the following simplified instructions for retrieving your Shared List:

  1. Login (or register) for The Cancer Imaging Archive by visiting
  2. Click the Search Shared List link under Tools on the left sidebar.
  3. In the Search Shared List page that opens, enter the exact name of the shared list.
  4. Click on the Shared List you want to view in the search results.
  5. Browse or download the data
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