You can view your saved queries and then edit and resubmit them. You can also view your query history.

If you save a query when you have access to a collection then subsequently lose that access, you do not lose the saved query. However, records from a disallowed collection are not included in the search results.

To view, edit, and resubmit saved queries

Saved Query


Query Name

The name of the query displays as a link. The default is that the criteria themselves do not display. The link toggles whether the criteria for the saved query displays. Click the link to display/not display the criteria selected for the query.

Last Executed

The most recent date and time you executed the query displays. The time is displayed for the Eastern Time (US and Canada) time zone.

New Data Available

An icon (new data available icon) appears if new data is available for the saved query. Click the icon to display the results (new data only) on the Search Results page.

Resubmit Query

Click this button to open the Simple Search page showing all available results of the currently saved search criteria. A message appears in the lower left corner identifying the source of the search results.

message says these are the results of the CR saved query

Edit Query

Click this button to open the Simple Search page with the currently saved search criteria selected. In the lower left corner of the page, the Save Query section provides the options to update the saved query with new criteria or to save these criteria as a new saved query, with a box for the new query name.

Select an option and click Save Query.

edit query section of Simple Search page

Check Box

Click the check box to mark the query for deletion. You can click the check box in the header to select all queries or you can select queries individually. Click Remove Selected Items. The Manage Saved Queries page displays a message indicating success or failure and any additional actions that are required.

You can also perform the following action on the Saved Queries page.

View Query HistoryClick the Query History tab. The View Query History page appears. For more information, see Viewing Query History.