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Clinical, genetic, and pathology data resides in the TCGA data portal while the radiological data is stored on The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA).   The data utilizes the same TCGA patient identifiers in both repositories, allowing researchers to explore the correlations between tissue genotype and radiological phenotype. This Collection within TCIA is related to the OV disease type within TCGA.

Note: Per TCGA Guidelines, formal permission requests are still required for publications using TCGA-OV data. More info about TCGA Publication Policies can be found on the Data Usage Policies and Restrictions page.

CIP TCGA Radiology Initiative


Collection Statistics

Updated 2014/0205/1927



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Number of Studies

94 96 

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If you are unsure how to download this Collection please view our quick guide on Searching by Collection or refer to our The Cancer Imaging Archive User's Guide for more detailed instructions on using the site.


  • University of Pittsburgh/UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA - Special thanks to Chandra Holback, MD and  Rose Jarosz
  • Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO - Special thanks to Fred Prior, PHD from the Electronic Radiology Lab, Mallinckrodt Institute and David G Mutch, MD, Ira C, MD & Judith Gall, MD Ob/Gyn.  

  • Brigham & Women's Hospital Boston, MA - Special thanks to Cheryl A. Sadow, MD and Seth Levine