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Additional information about using this data as well as some collection meta data can be obtained on the Lung Image Database Consortium research page.

Important note: There was a "pilot release" of 399 cases of the LIDC CT data via the NCI CBIIT installation of NBIA. The LIDC-IDRI collection contained on The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) is the complete data set of all 1,010 patients which includes all 399 pilot CT cases plus the additional 611 patient CTs and all 290 corresponding chest x-rays.  A table which allows mapping between the old NBIA IDs and new TCIA IDs can be downloaded for those who have obtained and analyzed the older data.

Data Access

Imaging Data


You can view and download these images on The Cancer Imaging Archive by logging in to TCIA and selecting the LIDC-IDRI collection.


If you are unsure how to download this Collection please view our quick guide on Searching by Collection or refer to our The Cancer Imaging Archive User's Guide for more detailed instructions on using the site.

Note: On 2012-03-21 the XML associated with patient LIDC-IDRI-0101 was updated with a corrected version of the file.  The old version is still available via the wiki if needed for audit purposes.


This collection contains a great deal of supporting documentation that was generated by members of the LIDC. It can be found on the Lung Image Database Consortium research page. A subset of the metadata (XML annotation/markup info) is also contained along side the images in TCIA and will be automatically downloaded with the images unless specified to be excluded.