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The Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC) image collection consists of diagnostic and lung cancer screening thoracic CT scans with marked-up annotated lesions. It is a web-accessible international resource for development, training, and evaluation of computer-assisted diagnostic (CAD) methods for lung cancer detection and diagnosis. 
For more information about the LIDC program please visit:

Data Access

Collection Statistics




Number of Patients


Number of Studies


Number of Series


Number of Images



These links help describe how to use the .XML annotation files which are packaged along with the images in NBIA.

Annotation and Markup Issues/Comments


You can download this Diagnosis Data at: ^LIDC Diagnosis Data-01-08-10.xls\

Note: Data is still arriving from the LIDC sites, and so in the coming months this spreadsheet will be updated as more information is received


Downloading MAX and its associated files implies acceptance of the following notice (also available here|^CopyrightAndLicense.txt\ and in the distro as a text file):


DISCLAIMER: MAX is not guaranteed to process all input correctly. Possible errors include (but are not limited to) the inability to process correctly some types of nodule ambiguity (where nodule ambiguity refers to overlap between nodule markings having complicated shapes or to overlap between a nodule marking and a non-nodule mark).

Download the distro (max-V107.tgz)|^max-V107.tgz\; view/download ^ReadMe.txt\ (a text file that is also included in the distro).