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Important note: There was a "pilot release" of 399 cases of the LIDC CT data via the NCI CBIIT installation of NBIA. This LIDC-IDRI collection is the complete data set of all 1,010 patients which includes all 399 pilot CT cases as well as plus the additional patients 611 patient CTs and all 290 corresponding chest x-rays.

If you use this data in your research please be sure that the LIDC/IDRI Database is mentioned in any publications or grant applications along with references to appropriate LIDC publications.  Additional information about using this data as well as some collection meta data can be obtained in the Supporting Documentation below.


Collection Statistics



CT , DX, CR (computed tomography)
DX (digital radiography)
CR (computed radiography)

Number of Patients


Number of Studies


Number of Series


Number of Images


You can view and download these images on the Cancer Imaging Archive . You will need an user account to log in. Simply follow these steps:

  • Navigate to
  • Request a user account if you don't already have one.
  • Click the "Search Images" link in the center of the page
  • Scroll down through the search criteria until you see the "Collections" section
  • Select the "LIDC-IDRI" check box
  • Press "Submit"

This will return the full list of cases included in the collection. To download the associated DICOM images:


by selecting the LIDC-IDRI collection. If you are unsure how to download this Collection view our quick guide on Searching by Collection or you can refer to our Cancer Imaging Archive User's Guide.

Supporting Documentation

More information about the Cancer Imaging Program's Program Announcement for LIDC can be found at:


These links help describe how to use the .XML annotation files which are packaged along with the images in NBIAthe Cancer Imaging Archive.  The option to include annotation files in the download is enabled by default, so the XML described here will be included when downloading the LIDC-IDRI images unless you specifically uncheck this option.


Note: This data has not yet been updated to match the new patient ID structure for the LIDC-IDRI data set (it currently still uses the pilot data patient ID schema).

AIM Annotation Conversion Project


MAX ("multi-purpose application for XML") performs nodule matching and pmap generation based on the XML files provided with the LIDC's blinded and unblinded read responses/IDRI Database. It also performs certain QA and QC tasks and other XML-related tasks.