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If you use data from The Cancer Image Archive (TCIA) in your research we ask that you include appropriate references in your publications and presentations. These citations are critical for providing continued justification of funding from the agencies that support TCIA, and are what allow us to provide this data to you free of charge. Guidelines for how to cite TCIA can be found on our Citation Guidelines wiki page.  In addition we would like to list these publications here on our web site. If you have utilized TCIA in your research please contact us at CancerImagingArchive@mailhelp@cancerimagingarchive.nih.govnet so that we can include your publications in the list below. The publication list below includes references to the original data collection as well as publications that specifically used data from TCIA. You

Download citation list (Endnote XML format)

For convenience you can obtain the publications specifically based on TCIA in Endnote format: Pubs_basedon_TCIATCIA0315.xmlxml format.  This should be usable as input to your favorite reference management system.