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Note: On 2012-03-21 the XML associated with patient LIDC-IDRI-0101 was updated with a corrected version of the file. The old version is still available via the wiki if needed for audit purposes.

Note: Prior to 7/27/2015, many of the series in the LIDC-IDRI collection,had inconsistent values in the DICOM Frame of Reference UID, DICOM tag (0020,0052).  Each image had a unique value for Frame of Reference (which should be consistent across a series).  This has been corrected.  In addition, the following tags, which were present (but should not have been), were removed: (0020,0200) Synchronization Frame of Reference, (3006,0024) Referenced Frame of Reference, and (3006,00c2) Related Frame of Reference.



This collection contains a great deal of supporting documentation that was generated by members of the LIDC. It can be found on the LIDC research page. A subset of the metadata (XML annotation/markup info) is also contained alongside the images in TCIA and will be automatically downloaded with the images unless specified to be excluded.