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If you use data from The Cancer Image Archive (TCIA) in your research we ask that you include appropriate references in your publications and presentationsWhen data is submitted to TCIA it undergoes an extensive curation process to assure completeness, proper formatting to facilitate discovery and data reuse and removal of all protected health information.  Once data is released on the public TCIA repository it is Published to the world.  This publication is associated with the creation of a Digital Object Identifier that allows direct access to the data. 

In addition to data publication via TCIA we strongly urge researchers who submit data to TCIA to also submit a Data Descriptor publication to a journal such as Nature Scientific Data.  In this type of publication the authors will describe the data acquisition process, the experiment that drove this data collection and value of the data for future research (see each journal for specific content requirements).  A Data Descriptor is a scientific paper that includes the DOI to the data previously published on TCIA and helps to call the attention of the scientific community to the data you have submitted.  The details provided in a Data Descriptor publication greatly enhance the value of your contribution. 

A Data Descriptor is different from a scholarly paper in which you describe your experiment and present the results of your analysis.  Many journals do not provide sufficient space for details of data acquisition.  So today you can provide those details and the data you collected by making full use of TCIA and journals that support data publication.  In summary we urge you to:

  1. Submit your data to TCIA for publication.
  2. Submit a Data Descriptor article including the TCIA provided DOI to describe your data and how it was acquired.
  3. Submit a paper describing your experiment and results.

Please remember in all of your publications based on TCIA data to include appropriate references to TCIA so we can identify your publications, reference them, and make them easily available to other researchers from the TCIA web site. These citations are critical for providing continued justification of funding from the agencies that support TCIA, and are what allow us to provide this data to you free of charge. Guidelines for how to cite TCIA can be found on our Citation Guidelines wiki page.  In addition we would like to list these publications here on our web site. If you have utilized TCIA in your research please contact us at so that we can include your publications in the list below. The publication list below includes references to the original data collection as well as publications that specifically used data from TCIA.