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The guiding principles of the QIN data sharing policy are as follows:


titleQIN Data Sharing Policy
  1. Fairness, collegiality, and cooperation in the joint pursuit of scientific advancement. The QIN encourages use of resources generated within the QIN consistent with the missions of the QIN and the NCI.
  2. The QIN has a responsibility to ensure that the use of QIN Resource is ethical and scientifically sound.
  3. Data will be shared in a manner that allows good use to be made of them. This includes, for example, proper documentation, indexing, or curation/vetting of data where appropriate.
  4. Appropriate attribution and acknowledgement for QIN Resources will be provided.
  5. QIN data and images typically will not be released to individuals or companies prior to the publication of the projects primary aim manuscript.
  6. Data sharing will not burden the QIN's resources such as to impede its ability to pursue its primary research.
  7. Investigators interested in asking research questions of data collected as part of QIN projects are encouraged to do so as a collaborative effort within the QIN structure.
  8. Investigators interested in using QIN data must agree to adhere to the QIN publication policy.