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The Lung Image Database Consortium image collection research project (LIDC-IDRI) consists of involves the generation of marked-up annotated lesions on the diagnostic and lung cancer screening thoracic CT scans with marked-up annotated lesions. It is found in the LIDC-IDRI image collection to create a web-accessible international resource for development, training, and evaluation of computer-assisted diagnostic (CAD) methods for lung cancer detection and diagnosis.

Supporting Documentation

More information about the Cancer Imaging Program's Program Announcement for LIDC can be found at: following paper published in Medical Physics is effectively the authoritative user's manual for the database:

Armato SG III, McLennan G, Bidaut L, McNitt-Gray MF, Meyer CR, Reeves AP, Zhao B, Aberle DR, Henschke CI, Hoffman EA, Kazerooni EA, MacMahon H, van Beek EJR, Yankelevitz D, et al.:  The Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC) and Image Database Resource Initiative (IDRI): A completed reference database of lung nodules on CT scans. Medical Physics, 38: 915--931, 2011.

Reader Annotation and Markup

These links help describe how to use the .XML annotation files which are packaged along with the images in the Cancer Imaging Archive.  The option to include annotation files in the download is enabled by default, so the XML described here will be included when downloading the LIDC-IDRI images unless you specifically uncheck this option.

Annotation and Markup Issues/Comments


Note: This data has not yet been updated to match the new patient ID structure for the LIDC-IDRI data set.  We hope to have an updated spreadsheet available soon.

AIM Annotation Conversion Project

As part of an effort to move towards standard formats for annotation and markup a project was undertaken to convert XML data from the LIDC Pilot project into Annotated Image Markup format (AIM).  AIM is a standard which was developed out of the caBIG program.  More information about this effort can be found here on the NCI CBIIT wiki: LIDC Conversion to AIM.

We hope to be able to provide the entire LIDC-IDRI set of markup in AIM format at some point in the future, along with a release of the ClearCanvas open source workstation which can view these markups.  However at this time the project has been placed on hold.  We will update this page if/when the status of this project changes.



MAX ("multi-purpose application for XML") performs nodule matching and pmap generation based on the XML files provided with the LIDC/IDRI Database. It also performs certain QA and QC tasks and other XML-related tasks.


Downloading MAX and its associated files implies acceptance of the following notice (also available here\ and in the distro as a text file):


Download the distro (max-V107.tgz)\; view/download ^ReadMeReadMe.txt (a text file that is also included in the distro).