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  • Breast Cancer Screening - Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (Breast-Cancer-Screening-DBT)

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Breast cancer is among the most common cancers and a common cause of death among women. Over 39 million breast cancer screening exams are performed every year and are among the most common radiological tests. This creates a high need for accurate image interpretation. Machine learning has shown promise in interpretation of medical images. However, limited data for training and validation remains an issue.

Here, we share a curated dataset of digital breast tomosynthesis images that includes normal, actionable, biopsy-proven benign, and biopsy-proven cancer cases.  The dataset contains four components: (1) DICOM images, (2) a spreadsheet indicating which group each case belongs to (3) annotation boxes, and (4) Image paths for patients/studies/views.  A detailed description of this dataset can be found in the following paper; please reference this paper if you use this dataset:

M. Buda, A. Saha, R. Walsh, S. Ghate, N. Li, A. Święcicki, J. Y. Lo, M. A. Mazurowski, Detection of masses and architectural distortions in digital breast tomosynthesis: a publicly available dataset of 5,060 patients and a deep learning model. (