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  • Prostate MRI and Ultrasound With Pathology and Coordinates of Tracked Biopsy (Prostate-MRI-US-Biopsy)

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These two images show biopsy data displayed in 3D alongside MRI contours. The image on the left captures the entire 3D slicer screen.  The image on the right succinctly exemplifies most aspects of the dataset.

This dataset was derived from tracked biopsy sessions using the Artemis biopsy system, many of which included image fusion with MRI targets. Patients received a 3D transrectal ultrasound scan, after which nonrigid registration (e.g. “fusion”) was performed between real-time ultrasound and preoperative MRI, enabling biopsy cores to be sampled from MR regions of interest. Most cases also included sampling of systematic biopsy cores using a 12-core digital template. The Artemis system tracked targeted and systematic core locations using encoder kinematics of a mechanical arm, and recorded locations relative to the Ultrasound scan. MRI biopsy coordinates were also recorded for most cases. STL files and biopsy overlays are available and can be visualized in 3D Slicer with the SlicerHeart extension. Spreadsheets summarizing biopsy and MR target data are also available. See the Detailed Description tab below for more information.