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  • I'm attempting to download data and receive an error “unable to launch the application”


I'm attempting to download data and receive an error “unable to launch the application”


Several things may be involved.

You want to check the following things:
  1. Does your network use a "proxy server" as part of its internet protocols? Can you try your download from another physical machine, or physical location (e.g. off-campus?)
  2. Java
    1. Verify your Java Version by going here (where you can also install Java if your machine doesn't have it)
    2. set your Java security level, found in the Java control panel, to medium, and then try one small download. Then set the security level back to whatever it was before (normally, high). Then try the full download. For some people, this clears the problem, and download manager ought to continue to work after raising the security level back up.
    3. There are technical limitations with Java, and the Download Manager might fail to launch if you were attempting to download very large amounts of data. The reason is that the initial file that is downloaded, the JNLP file, which lists all of the series in the shopping cart to download, becomes too large for Java Web Start to handle. Hence the Java-based download manager dies. How did you generate the list in shopping cart (i.e., what query)?
  3. Time-out errors - may occur on slower networks or those with more traffic than you. Can you download one (small) series?

If you are still having trouble, please send an email to with the following information, and if you wish, a screenshot:

  1. Your OS and version
  2. Your browser and version
  3. Your java version
  4. Whether you were logged in to TCIA or not, and some information about what you were trying to do.