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To Print the Guide

You can print a single wiki page on a printer or export it to a PDF.

To print a single page

  • On the File menu of your browser, select Print Preview.
  • Select Print and complete the dialog.

To print multiple pages together

  • In the blue Confluence header, select Browse > Space Operations. If you do not see Browse in the blue banner, click Space Tools in the lower left corner of the wiki window, and select Browse Pages.
  • Select the Export and PDF options.
  • Click Custom Export.
  • Select the link to Deselect All the check boxes for the pages in the space.
  • Locate the page or pages you want to export to PDF and select the check box next to each wiki main page for a page family you want to export.
  • At the bottom of the page click Export.
  • Select the link to download the file.
  • Select the link to save the file.

To make a PDF or MS Word document of one page

To export one page to PDF, select Tools > Export to PDF. If needed, save the PDF file.

To export one page to MS Word, select Tools > Export to Word. Complete the dialog box to save the file.

To export multiple pages to PDF, follow the instructions for printing multiple pages together, above.

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