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  • Awarded Grants Leveraging TCIA

We encourage grant writers to include their plans to leverage the Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) in grant activities, either using data or contributing data to it.  

Here is a list of awarded grants from the last three years that have mentioned TCIA:


YearGrant NumberGrant TitleAuthor(s)Total Funding
20162 U01 CA143062-06A1Radiomics of NSCLCGillies, Robert J.; Schabath, Matthew B.$562,652
20161 R01 EB020683-01A1Quantitative Image Modeling for Brain Tumor Analysis and TrackingIftekharuddin, Khan M.$400,000
20161 U24 CA204854-01Integrative Imaging Informatics for Cancer ResearchMarcus, Daniel Scott; Wahl, Richard Leo $632,802
20152 U01 CA142565-06Quantitative MRI for Predicting Response of Breast Cancer to Neoadjuvant TherapyYankeelov, Thomas E.; Karczmar, Gregory S.; Abramson, Vandana; Nanda, Rita$169,657
20151 U01 CA190234-01Genotype and Imaging Phenotype Biomarkers in Lung Cancer Aerts, Hugo; Quackenbush, John $667,612
20151 U24 CA194354-01Quantitative Radiomics System Decoding the Tumor PhenotypeAerts, Hugo; Quackenbush, John $715,149
20152 U01 CA140206-06Quantitative Imaging to Assess Response in Cancer Therapy TrialsBuatti, John M.; Casavant, Thomas L.; Graham, Michael M.; Sonka, Milan$617,490
20151 U24 CA189523-01A1Cancer Imaging Phenomics Software Suite: Application to Brain and Breast CancerDavatzikos, Christos$653,458 
20151 R01 EB020527-01A1Radiogenomics Framework for Non-Invasive Personalized MedicineGevaert, Olivier$515,525
20152 R01 CA132870-06Real-time in Vivo MRI Biomarkers for Breast Cancer Pre-Operative Treatment TrialsHylton-Watson, Nola M.; Newitt, David C. $515,599
20152 U01 CA148131-06Advanced PET/CT Imaging for Improving Clinical TrialsKinahan, Paul E.; Linden, Hannah M.$693,233
20151 U01 CA187947-01A1Computing, Optimizing, and Evaluating Quantitative Cancer Imaging BiomarkersNapel, Sandy A.; Rubin, Daniel L.$652,612
20152 U01 CA166104-04A1Advancing Quantification of Diffusion MRI for Oncologic ImagingRoss, Brian D.; Chenevert, Thomas L.; Galban, Craig J.$532,922
20151 U01 CA190254-01ECOG-ACRIN-Based QIN Resource for Advancing Quantitative Cancer Imaging in Clinical TrialsSchnall, Mitchell D. $662,654
20141 R01 CA181664-01A1In Vivo Derived in Silico Model for DDS OptimizationHaemmerich, Dieter $289,439
20141 U01 CA181156-01Quantitative CT Imaging for Response Assessment when Using Dose Reduction MethodsKim, Grace Hyun Jung; Brown, Matthew S.; Goldin, Jonathan G.; Mcnitt-Gray, Michael F. $380,622
20141 U01 CA187013-01Resources for Development and Validation of Radiomic Analyses & Adaptive TherapyPrior, Fred William; Sharma, Ashish$631,474
20141 U24 CA180927-01A1Informatics Tools for Optimized Imaging Biomarkers for Cancer Research & DiscoveryRosen, Bruce R.; Kalpathy-Cramer, Jayashree$744,624
20141 R01 EB017226-01A1Intraoperative Imaging for Guidance, Patient Safety, and or Quality AssuranceSiewerdsen, Jeffrey H. $523,514
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