Learn2Reg 2024 will be held in conjunction with Workshop on Biomedical Image Registration (WBIR) at MICCAI 2024 in Marrakesh. The goal is to provide standardized benchmark for the best conventional and learning-based medical registration methods. Learn2Reg 2024 will comprise three new sub-tasks.
1.Large Scale Unsupervised Brain MRI Image Registration(LUMIR), the task for this challenge is inter-subject T1-weighted brain MRI registration
2.Brain Resection Multimodal Registration (ReMIND2Reg). The goal of the ReMIND2Reg challenge task is to register multi-parametric pre-operative MRI and intra-operative 3D ultrasound images. This challenge utilizes ReMIND dataset.
3.COMULISglobe Second-harmonic generation (SHG) microscopy and BrightField (BF) microscopy images of cancer tissue.

Participate in this challenge via the official challenge website: https://learn2reg.grand-challenge.org/Description/

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