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  1. TCIA will help your technical point of contact (PACS administrator or designated IT technician, henceforth referred to as "submitter") install TCIA's software on a standard desktop computer.  The software runs on regular Windows/Mac/Linux desktop computers and requires Java to also be installed.  It does not require any specialized hardware (e.g. servers are not necessary). 
  2. TCIA will help the submitter create mapping tables (which do not leave the submitting site) which our software will use to assign anonymous patient IDs and to offset study dates.
  3. TCIA will walk the submitter through software testing using a small sample set of their study data (e.g. 1-2 patients). 
  4. TCIA will help the submitter export the full set of imaging studies from their local PACS (or wherever the data resides) into the TCIA software for processing.
    1. Note: Please do not utilize your PACS system or other de-identification software as this usually deletes critical information researchers will need to make use of the data.
  5. TCIA will help the submitter use the software used to de-identify and transmit images to TCIA according to DICOM standards (Attribute Confidentiality Profile – DICOM PS 3.15: Appendix E) before it leaves your institution.
  6. TCIA quality control and curation staff will work with you to ensure the data are fully de- identified and received. Additional reviews are performed, and any remaining PHI are deleted if found.
  7. TCIA will publish the final data set with a descriptive page and announce its addition via our mailing list and social media channels.

Software Tools Provided and used by TCIA (section coming soon)

  1. CTP
    1. Brief Description and Link to details and software
  2. CTP Wizard
    1. Brief Description and Link  to details and software
  3. POSDA
    1. Brief Description and Link  to details and software

De-identification Details