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Questions About Downloading Images:

How do I download images in JPEG, TIFF, BMP rather than DICOM format?

The Download Manager permits only the downloading of DICOM images.
If you want to capture a large number of images, you should download in DICOM and then reference two different websites for assistance with utilities that will convert DICOM images to other formats. http://www.idoimaging.comImage Added http://pixelmed.comImage Added

If you wish to only download a handful of image: (1) In the NBIA application, choose a study and series, then Show Images; (2) right-click over the image and Save Picture As *.jpeg.

How do I download annotated image files?

The XML files are in the series folder since they are related to the images in that series.  You can best find the annotated files by viewing the list of files in a folder.