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Questions About Accessing Collections:


How do I find out additional information about each specific collection?

You can reference the corresponding wiki pages for any particular collection when you are logged into TCIA. From the search page, in the Collection area, mouse over and click on the “question mark” which will return information on each collection. If there is a wiki available for the collection, click on it.

OR You can find additional information pertaining to image data from the TCIA home page >

In the middle of the page, under For Researchers, click on the link titled The Image Collections which will direct you to our Public Wiki. This wiki pages is organized into purpose-built Collections.

A collection of studies typically includes studies from several subjects (patients). In some collections, there may be only one study per subject. In other collections, subjects may have been followed over time, in which case there will be multiple studies per subject. The subjects typically have in common a particular disease and/or particular anatomical site (prostate, lung, brain, etc.)

The table on the wiki contains a list of collections available on The Cancer Imaging Archive. Each link in the table contains information concerning the scientific value of a collection, as well as additional meta-data where available from the data providers.

Under the Completed and Ongoing Collections table, you can sort any of the columns. For example if you are looking for MRI images of the Prostate, you could sort by Anatomical Sites which will bring all MRIs of the Prostate to the top of the list.

How do I request access to a restricted collection?