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This will depend on your operating system to a degree.

You may be able to address some "security error" messages by clearing your java cache. Instructions for how to accomplish this can be found at Clearing the Java Application Cache.


  1. In Windows, 
    1. Click "start" then click "search" then type "java", one of the options that should show up is "About Java"
    2. If you click on "About Java" it should pop up a window like this:
    3. For example, Java Version 7 Update 55 (build 1.7.0_55-b13")

  2. In Mac OS X 10.7.3 and above: 
    1. Under System Preferences click on the Java icon to access the Java Control Panel which will list your Java version.
    2. If you do not see a Java icon under System Preferences, Java 7 or later versions is not installed.

  3. Other Operating systems: Try a search within for specific information for your system.