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In addition to the complete set of ACRIN 6657 imaging studies ("Level 0" data), curated data sets based on UCSF QC assessment, protocol compliance and data completeness are provided for download in the form of TCIA shared lists. These include:

  • Level 1:    MRI exams for which longest diameter was measuredLevel 2a:  MRI exams for which volumetric SER is provided  MRI Longest Diameter (LD)
  • Level 2a:  SER Volume Dataset for pCR (updated 9/13/14)
  • Level 2b:  SER Volume Dataset for pCR Analysis (Hylton, et al; Radiology 2012)
  • Level 3:    MRI exams used for the ACRIN 6657 primary aim analysis SER Volume Dataset for RFS Analysis (Hylton, et al; Radiology, accepted)

The image data sets are accompanied by Excel files with patient clinical and outcome data.


  • Patient 1079 does not appear in the Feb. 2, 2011 I-SPY FINAL LOCKED clinical data set. So no clinical data is available.

Level 2b: SER Volume Dataset Reported in Hylton et al. (Radiology, 2012) *

This data is comprised of the patient studies analyzed and reported to ACRIN in 2008, and used for the 2012 Radiology paper on ACRIN 6657 *. This data set is not provided as a shared list, as it is not recommended for use in further analysis. It is described here because it is the data set from which the Level 3 (primary aim analysis) set was derived.


14 studies rejected since 2008 (in Level 2b but not in 2a)

ID 1035, T4 *
ID 1045, T1
ID 1047, T1 *
ID 1053, T2 *
ID 1053, T4 *

ID 1055, T1 *
ID 1086, T1 *
ID 1091, T1 *
ID 1095, T2 *
ID 1173, T3 *

ID 1206, T1
ID 1206, T2
+2 exams for ineligible patient:
ACRIN ID 128 (no I-SPY ID)

* Subjects that were included in the primary aim analysis (Level 3)

Level 3: Subset of Level 2b used in primary aim analysis
reported in Hylton et al. (Radiology, accepted)

586 MR studies (162 subjects) in UCSF image database