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YearGrant NumberGrant TitleAuthor(s)Total Funding
20162 U01 CA143062-06A1Radiomics Of of NSCLCGillies, Robert J.; Schabath, Matthew B.$562,652
20161 R01 EB020683-01A1Quantitative Image Modeling for Brain Tumor Analysis and TrackingIftekharuddin, Khan M.$400,000
20161 U24 CA204854-01Integrative Imaging Informatics For for Cancer ResearchMarcus, Daniel Scott; Wahl, Richard Leo $632,802
20152 U01 CA142565-06Quantitative MRI for Predicting Response of Breast Cancer to Neoadjuvant TherapyYankeelov, Thomas E.; Karczmar, Gregory S.; Abramson, Vandana; Nanda, Rita$169,657
20151 U01 CA190234-01Genotype and Imaging Phenotype Biomarkers in Lung Cancer Aerts, Hugo; Quackenbush, John $667,612
20151 U24 CA194354-01Quantitative Radiomics System Decoding the Tumor PhenotypeAerts, Hugo; Quackenbush, John $715,149
20152 U01 CA140206-06Quantitative Imaging to Assess Response in Cancer Therapy TrialsBuatti, John M.; Casavant, Thomas L.; Graham, Michael M.; Sonka, Milan$617,490
20151 U24 CA189523-01A1Cancer Imaging Phenomics Software Suite: Application to Brain and Breast CancerDavatzikos, Christos$653,458 
20151 R01 EB020527-01A1Radiogenomics Framework for Non-Invasive Personalized MedicineGevaert, Olivier$515,525
20152 R01 CA132870-06Real-time in Vivo MRI Biomarkers for Breast Cancer Pre-Operative Treatment TrialsHylton-Watson, Nola M.; Newitt, David C. $515,599
20152 U01 CA148131-06Advanced PET/CT Imaging for Improving Clinical TrialsKinahan, Paul E.; Linden, Hannah M.$693,233
20151 U01 CA187947-01A1Computing, Optimizing, and Evaluating Quantitative Cancer Imaging BiomarkersNapel, Sandy A.; Rubin, Daniel L.$652,612
20152 U01 CA166104-04A1Advancing Quantification of Diffusion MRI for Oncologic ImagingRoss, Brian D.; Chenevert, Thomas L.; Galban, Craig J.$532,922
20151 U01 CA190254-01ECOG-ACRIN-Based QIN Resource for Advancing Quantitative Cancer Imaging in Clinical TrialsSchnall, Mitchell D. $662,654
20141 R01 CA181664-01A1In Vivo Derived in Silico Model for DDS OptimizationHaemmerich, Dieter $289,439
20141 U01 CA181156-01Quantitative CT Imaging for Response Assessment when Using Dose Reduction MethodsKim, Grace Hyun Jung; Brown, Matthew S.; Goldin, Jonathan G.; Mcnitt-Gray, Michael F. $380,622
20141 U01 CA187013-01Resources for Development and Validation of Radiomic Analyses & Adaptive TherapyPrior, Fred William; Sharma, Ashish$631,474
20141 U24 CA180927-01A1Informatics Tools for Optimized Imaging Biomarkers for Cancer Research & DiscoveryRosen, Bruce R.; Kalpathy-Cramer, Jayashree$744,624
20141 R01 EB017226-01A1Intraoperative Imaging for Guidance, Patient Safety, and or Quality AssuranceSiewerdsen, Jeffrey H. $523,514