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After initial testing TCIA image curators individually inspect every image, both in the DICOM tags and the image pixels to ensure there is no PHI. Changes to the de‐identification procedure are made as appropriate to correct any potential issues found by our curation team. After the completion of the image submissions the curation team again inspects every image in the full data set to ensure regulatory compliance. Only after this inspection is complete are the images made available to the general public. For general information on what to expect as an image provider please see our web site at


Software Tools for DICOM analysis

In order to simplify our ability to implement some of the "clean" instructions specified in Supplement 142 a new tool was developed to help inspect the contents of DICOM elements which allow free text entry by a technician and Private Tags for potential PHI. We believe this tool might be useful to the rest of the research community and so it's been made freely available as an open source application. We have also created documentation for how a researcher could utilize in the context of their own projects:

Additional tools are currently being developed and these will also be released and documented here once they are stable.