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We believe this tool might be useful to the rest of the research community and so it's been made freely available as an open source application. We have also created documentation for how a researcher could utilize in the context of their own projects:

TCIA De-identification Work Flow

The TCIA provides standards‐based curation support to ensure safe and thorough de‐identification of all images in the archive per federal HIPAA and HITECH regulations. In order to achieve this compliance without stripping the data of its scientific utility TCIA staff perform a redundant, thorough de‐identification and analysis procedure based on guidance provided by the industry experts in DICOM standards committee Working Group 18. Each collection submitted for publication is analyzed and de-identified as a whole using the steps listed below. All steps are completed before the collection is released for publication.


Additional tools are currently being developed and these will also be released and documented here once they are stable. 

Manufacturer Specific Private Tags

As discussed above, medical manufacturers include private elements in their DICOM images to convey information not defined in the DICOM Standard. This section documents the information we have gathered by reading appropriate conformance statements.

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