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The Department of Biomedical Informatics at UAMS hosts The Cancer Imaging Archive for the National Cancer Institute (NCI). At NCI’s direction, TCIA personnel collect and curate clinical and pre-clinical (animal studies) Radiology and Pathology images, clinical trial data (including patient demographics and clinical outcomes), annotations and image derived features and other types of clinical research data (e.g., gene expression profiles) as directed by NCI and the research community.    Data comes from NIH programs, funded research and clinical trials.  In most instances this data is the result of completed research activities, but with NCI permission TCIA may also serve as the information repository for prospective data collection initiatives.   Data sets are reviewed for inclusion on TCIA by the TCIA Advisory Board.  Submitting sites provide evidence of institutional approval to share data, and agree to the principles in the TCIA UAMS Data Transfer Submission Agreement.

The ultimate goal of this data collection is to make the information publicly available.  The TCIA team at UAMS ensures all data is fully de-identified in accordance with international standards, US laws and UAMS IRB protocol requirements. TCIA then makes the data freely and openly available under the Creative Commons licensing as shown below: